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Our Services

Monthly bookkeeping

We provide automated bookkeeping services and produce real time monthly financial reports:

  • Billing

  • Invoicing

  • Quote management

  • Payroll

  • Expense management

  • Financial reporting

  • Estimate creation

  • Refund or discount processing

  • Bank reconciliation

  • Importing bank statements

  • Tax management

  • Multiple currency support

Financial planning

Is your company going in the right direction financially? Is it time for a new business plan?

Wondering how to deal with a financial downturn? Our controller services help you set up budgets and forecasts so you can look to the future.

With our strategic planning services, we’ll guide you through issues involving risk management, profitability, scaling, and business management.

Tax preparation and returns

Are you behind on your bookkeeping? Canyon Bookkeeping Services can help you catch up quickly if you’re behind on bookkeeping.

In addition, we can help reduce the stress of tax season, support year-end Financial statements:

  • Income statement

  • Tax preparation for businesses and individuals

  • Tax consulting available year-round

Consulting and advisory services

Before making the final decision, you should consider the volume and frequency of the tasks you need to complete.

How many transactions do you have daily? Do you need monthly or weekly financial reports? If you have few daily transactions and need financial reports once in a while you might be a candidate to do it yourself.

In most cases, using bookkeeping software at the very least can be beneficial and time saving.